iAccount is a digital marketplace where digital assets are created, developed, and sold. The future of assets is Digital, owning digital assets worth millions of Dollars should be your goal as you also invest in physical assets

From iAccount, you can learn all you need to know about digital assets. Understanding is the key to success in any business. We will show you what Digital assets are, how to create, acquire and develop these assets over time, sell them, and reinvest

The things you can do on iAccount are: list and sell your digital assets, become a member, create a blog, buy an asset, or get your asset monetized.

Becoming a Member

Membership on iAccount is pegged at N7,500. As a member, you will have access to our exclusive materials and videos on how to begin trading digital assets.

Apart from that, you will also have exclusive mentorship, and 24/7 support if you ever encounter a challenge. Our technical support team is always ready to assist and help with any blogging or asset challenges that you may face.

Once your payment for membership has been confirmed, you will begin your journey to your first $100 online by creating and selling your first digital asset, which should happen in about 30 days’ time, all things being equal.

Why Invest in Digital Assets

That is a good question to ask.

There are several reasons why investing in Digital assets is more favorable than in physical assets and one of them is low capital.

I will be listing so many other obvious reasons why you should get started right away in investing in digital assets, but before that, let’s talk about the low capital reason.

You can get your first digital asset for as little as N10,000 and sell it for N3,000,000 in 1.6 years’ time.

You can acquire a digital asset for N75,000 and sell it for N500,000 in a couple of months.

With the necessary skills which you can always learn from iAccount, you can nurture and grow an asset to a whooping value of N100,000,000.

You can invest $1,000 in digital and make $3,000 every month from that asset

Digital assets have low maintenance fees and as they grow older in age, they increase in price and value

7 Reasons to Invest in Digital asset

  • Low Investment Capital
  • Zero or Low Tax
  • Zero or low Paperwork
  • Asset grows in value with time
  • The asset can generate revenue passively
  • Low Maintenance fee
  • The asset can grow X100,000 over a short period of time

Types of Digital Assets

  • AdSense Account
  • Blog
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Pages
  • Website
  • App
  • More
  • YouTube Channel
  • Domain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • PayPal Account
  • Bitcoin

Making your first $100

It is possible to make your first $100 as a digital asset investor or builder. This can happen in 1 month if you put in the little work required as all other work has been done on your behalf

Making your first $100 creating and selling your first digital asset will cost you between N5,600 to N10,000 and your first asset will be on its way to making you your first $100

Our exclusive videos will show you how to achieve this in 30 days’ time and if you have any challenges along the line, we are always here to help through phone calls, email, live chat, and our contact page

Action and Support

After going through the video, you have to take action to be able to achieve your goal in 30 days,

The time it takes to apply each and every aspect of developing, getting approval, listing, and selling your first digital asset is factored in those 30 days.

We are always here to help in case you encounter any challenges, just send us a message or put a call across

You can contact support 24/7 via 07014798127 or via mail info@iAccount.me